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Berlin Marathon 2014

Berlin Marathon

I ran Berlin, 2 weeks after Cologne, on 28th September 2014 in 3:08:07. It was a beautiful run through the magnificent capital of my country. I fueled prerace with a full breakfast, the prior day with sandwiches and I took in a gel each 10 K starting at 5, with one gel 15 minutes prior to start. My legs felt heavy as of KM 5 and therefor I decided not to push it and settle in a comfortable training run pace. I am confident and feel strong that this preparation will lift my PR to a new Level in 4 weeks running marathon Frankfurt. View Slideshow.

Cologne Marathon 2014

Cologne Marathon

I ran this marathon on 14th September 2014 in 3:08:15. My goal was a 2:55. I injured myself, 4 days before in my last training run and had a sore right foot. I ran the first half in 1:27:20. Then at KM 25 my right foot started making itself remarked and I ran out of fuel. I walked for long stretches in the second half and pigged out at the refreshment stations, also a fueling problem. The second half took me 13 and a half minutes longer, 1:40:56 to be precise. I'm looking into running a couple more marathons in the coming weeks. On my radar screen are: Karlsruhe, Berlin and Frankfurt. View Slideshow.

Freiburg Marathon 2012

Freiburg Marathon

I ran this race on April 1st 2012. Excellent weather and fast course. Time 03:31:54. Split Half Marathon Time 1:30:55. I was aiming for a SUB 3, since injured in February and March, only 30 - 35 KM training per week and no long runs. I walked about 30 minutes in the second half.

Heilbronn Half-Marathon 2012

Heilbronn Marathon

Goal attained. Personal Best in Half Marathon in Heilbronn on May 6th 2012. 01:25:22. Personal Best 5K 19:50, Personal Best 10K 40:24. It was a cold and rainy day. I dedicate this race and result to my beloved grandmother: "Kätchen von Heilbronn". In my heart I brought her back home to her beloved Heilbronn.

Karlsruhe Marathon 2012

Baadener Marathon

Marathon on 23.09.2012 in 3:06:22, pace 4:25, improvement of personal best in 6 months of 25:32.  I ran this Half Marathon in 2011 with back injury a week before Marathon of Berlin in 02:22:37.

Berlin Marathon 2011

Berliner Marathon

Berlin the capital of my country. A fast, excellent course, for personal best times. Highly recommendable. I ran this Marathon in 2011 with a back injury in 04:44:11.

Bremen Marathon 2012

Bremen Marathon

I won a starter ticket and ran with Wobenzym plus Sports Team. No taper, second Marathon in 2 weeks. 6 toilet stops in second half due to upset stomach. HM Split 1:32:57 and Time of 3:17:48. My legs felt heavy as of KM 5, I pushed through. Excellently organized Marathon in Bremen. This was a good preparation, long run for my Goal A Race SUB 3 in Frankfurt in 3 weeks. I received my grandfathers aristocratic family symbol ring as a reward. I feel honored and hope it to inspire me to great professional and athletic achievements.

Frankfurt Marathon 2012

Frankfurt Marathon

I registered for Frankfurt Marathon after Marathon Karlsruhe and before Marathon Bremen. I will be running 3 Marathons in 5 weeks. Best case scenario a personal best in each one. Frankfurt 2012 in 3:01:50, 4:17 Min/Km pace. This is my new personal best. Improved by 4:32 in 5 weeks. HM Split 1:29:52 and second half in 1:31:59. Now I prepare Berlin 2013 in 2:50. I love to run. My Leitmotif is: "While you are resting, somebody is training, who will win the race?" I want to win the race. ;-)

Marseille Marathon 2013

Marseille Marathon

I registered for this Marathon in 2013, 9 days before the start and plan on using this as a training Marathon. I will run it just for fun, between 3:30 and 4:00. See what happens and I will enjoy a visit of the city, do some sight seeing and hop into the sea afterwards. Result: it was a rainy day. My gps watch gave result 3:31:00 and the official race time 3:31:19. Splits of 1:49:41, 1:40:40'. I am pleased with my negative splits and the fact that I feel fresh, I can run another one at this pace right after the first. :-)

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Who's been training today? I have. :-)

What's my 10 Mile personal best time? 63:59. 4:01 min/KM pace. 2014

What's my 6 K personal best time? 22:08. 3:41 min/KM pace. 2013

What's my 10 K personal best time? 38:56. 3:55 min/KM pace. 2012

What's my Half Marathon personal best time? 01:25:22. 4:03 min/KM pace. 2012

What's my Marathon personal best time? 03:01:50. 4:17 min/KM pace. 2012

When did I start running training? October 2011.


Some races I've run from 2011 to 2014. | Weather Forecast | Superheroes | Run Tracker | Ratespiel

Date Race Time Location Details Weather
28.09.2014 Marathon (pic,link) 03:08:07 Berlin First half in 1:31:29, about 5 Minute fade in second half. Pace 4:25min/KM. My legs felt heavy from the start. (12-14°C.), it was cool at the start
14.09.2014 Marathon (pic,link) 03:08:15 Cologne First half in 1:27:20, second half in 1:40:56. Pace 4:27min/KM. Sore right foot problem. 3rd fastest marathon overall time. (16-18°C.), it was warm
22.06.2014 10 Miler (pic,link) 01:03:59 Cologne First 10 Miler. 1st Age Group M40. 4th Overall. 4:01 M/KM pace. (20°C.), it was warm
06.06.2013 6 K (pic,link) 22:08 Freiburg First 6 K. 1st Age Group M40. 16th Overall. 3:41 M/KM pace. (22-24°C.), it was hot
24.03.2013 Marathon (pic,link) 03:31:19 Marseille First long run above 25 K since Oct. 28 2012. First negative splits 1:49:41, 1:40:40. (12-14°C.), it rained hard
28.10.2012 Marathon (pic,link) 03:01:50 Frankfurt Personal Best improvement by 4'32''. cold(2-4°C.), good
14.10.2012 10 KM (pic,link) 38:56 Karlsruhe Hardtwald Personal Best improvement by 13''. slight rain
07.10.2012 Marathon (pic,link) 03:17:48 Bremen HM Split 1:32:57. Upset stomach, 6 toilet stops in second half. good
23.09.2012 Marathon (pic,link) 03:06:22 Karlsruhe Personal Best improvement by 25'32''. good
28.05.2012 10 KM (pic,link) 39:09 Rülzheim Personal Best improvement by 5'3''. great
06.05.2012 Half Marathon (pic,link) 01:25:22 Heilbronn Personal Best improvement by 2'32''. ok
01.04.2012 Marathon (pic,link) 03:31:54 Freiburg Personal Best improvement by 41'45''. ok
11.03.2012 Half Marathon (pic,link) 01:27:54 Kandel Personal Best improvement by 15'16''. good
05.02.2012 20 KM (pic,link) 01:26:06 Rheinzabern First ever 20 K. ok
28.01.2012 50 KM (pic,link) DNF Rodgau Due to injury right quadriceps finish after 30 KM in 02:20:39. ok
08.01.2012 15 KM (pic,link) 01:03:29 Rheinzabern First ever 15 K. ok
25.12.2011 Training Marathon Run (pic,link) 03:21:20 Aix en Provence Casual training run. great
25.09.2011 Marathon (pic,link) 04:44:11 Berlin Mainly long walk preparation ok

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